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Finally Back

Our Friday flight was canceled due to snow so we spent 2 more days in Maine.

Jetlagged and this week will be pretty busy so not sure when I will post.  But I do want to blog a bit on my trip.

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The fam is flying cross country to Maine (brrrr!) on Sunday for the week to visit the ILs. Unless something strikes me, I doubt I’ll update the blog during then. I am going to have to find a wee bit of time each day to get my IE/FA blog fix, though. Especially with the little demons in my head reminding me that I am the exact same size as I was during last year’s visit (egads!).

I’ll continue with my internal come back response – well, at least I am not yo yo-ing up and down as per usual.

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Happy New Year!

Here’s to a healthy 2008 – mind and body.

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I Love You, Amazon.com

I had an especially rough visit with my mother today. She was a good mom and she’s a great grandma but I still have issues with her/my childhood (heh, don’t we all?). And I don’t like how she deals with conflict or how she can “get” with conflict. It’s too much for me to delve in to right now but, anyway, mleh.

On a happy note, Amazon delivered the book I ordered today. I am off to read it while Z cooks up her wooden food and cleans her play kitchen.

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That is the question.

I have mixed feelings here. I fully believe that the scale can lie and I also feel that it is just a tiny tool out of many. My reaction to the number on the scale varies, even though there have been many times I have tried to be neutral. I can’t even manage to feel neutral when there’s a loss – the happiness just spikes in me.

Part of me wants to forget the scale. But the other part of me wants to see if I am making any progress or not. Or if I am gaining (which I am pretty sure I’ve gained some since a few months ago at my last weigh-in. We can’t blame pregnancy pounds this time, folks). I am really torn here. Going by my clothes is probably the most sane yet it’s pretty easy for me to not see much difference there within the first 5-8 pounds. Should I just accept that? Or let the scale show me that I am having a downward trend? Can I actually teach myself to truly see the scale for the simple tool it is without allowing it to cause huge swings in moods?

I’m going to try it. Fridays can be my weigh in day. I’ll post them here, too, and allow whatever feelings I have spew out on to this blog. Maybe getting them out will allow them to wander off in to the universe and leave me alone? Or I may just realize that the scale is not a tool for me.

We’ll see.

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