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I have been tagged by Spiritwolf!

10 Years Ago: My husband (then fiance) and I were just moving in to our first apartment together in Los Angeles (we lived with friends when we first moved out here). I had also just become interested in exercise, workout videos specifically, and that’s what began my path down Diet Obsession Highway.

20 Years Ago: I was an awkward 12 year old – just starting to get pimples and I had gained some weight (as soon as I hit my teens it melted right off with my then high metabolism). This was around the first time I ever dieted (but dieting didn’t become an obsession until in my 20s – I didn’t diet as a teen and I only remember one brief time in college).

30 Years Ago: I was Z’s age and living with my single mother (who later remarried when I was 3).

OK, I tag Good with Cheese.  That was fun!


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