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Someone found my blog by doing a search for “spiritual eating”. I was curious to see how I came up via that way on Google so I did the same search, which also led me to this article.

I am confused how this is considered “spiritual eating”. I see how one or two of the things she did made her a more conscious eater during that month (like eating alone – but we all know how I react to that idea right now). But the rest just sounded like a diet gimmick to eat less food (and how are you supposed to eat until full once you eat what’s in the bowl and are still hungry – are you allowed to fill it up again?). Never mind how she ate her very first day off the diet.

Being the Disordered Eater that I am, as I read the article I quickly flirted with the idea of how I could “control” my eating by only allowing a certain portion that is bowl-sized per meal. I could even use a beautiful, ceramic bowl. It all looked quite lovely in my head for about one minute.

By the time I was done reading the article, I was already feeling the anxiety over considering another diet and getting a knot in my stomach because of how limiting this “spiritual way of eating” (what ever) was. I went through this whole array of emotions, highs, and lows within 4 minutes of reading this article.

Crazy making.

On a rational note, I am pretty amazed how easy it is to sucker me in to the fantasy of a new diet. Something in me is craving that high, that promise, that something extra. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to satiate that inner need or if it will always be something I have to keep an eye on.


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Thanks to Bliss Chick I had the pleasure to read this post over at Goddess In A Teapot. Lots of Food for Thought to chew on.

It has also made me want to find a book on spiritual eating, if that makes sense. How to make food more than just something to obsess over and, also, more than just fuel for my body.

Something to celebrate with the Lord and Lady.

Not sure if I have mentioned on this blog that I am a very laid-back, eclectic (neo)pagan. A little too laid-back, I feel. I need to get the goddess back in to my daily life. It all seems too fleeting, too random. I am making a point to go for a walk with Z in our park first thing in the morning. By making a point I mean today was the very first day. 😉 But it was nice – we crawled out of bed, got in to warmer clothes, and she got to enjoy a snack of raisins, plantain chips, and cashews as I pushed her along in her stroller. I am hoping this time will get me some much needed exercise but also will be a time I can commune with the trees, the fresh air, etc… I have read a bit about walking meditations but I don’t know if I would be able to manage that while also interacting with Z. Maybe a moderate version of that. Conscious walking?

In the spirit of regaining some of my footing on my spiritual path, I was wondering if there are any books/blogs/websites/whatnot about eating spiritually? I am thinking that if I get my head wrapped up a little more in the trees, sky, wind, and fire I would spend less time thinking about how fat I look.

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I got a “Normal” Eating blog post in my inbox today that provided some food for thought. What sacrifices am I willing to make here? The idea of sacrifice gives me a knot in my stomach and almost feels like a trigger word. How do I sacrifice and not let it trigger overeating?

I am too much of a future thinker – Big Picture and all. That Big Picture thinking gets me almost every time. It’s too all-consuming and overwhelming. That’s when thinking “One Day At A Time” really helps me plus giving away my anxieties to my HP (higher power). These are the remnants of OA that still work for me.  HOWEVER, I am pretty sucky at using these tools when I need them.  Especially the “giving away to my HP” part.  That simple meditation of giving away worry/anxiety/obsessive thoughts really works for me but I hardly think of doing it these days.  Definitely need to work on that.

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