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And that’s my problem. I am stuck in between diet-high-frenzy and just getting to the fucking point of my own personal HAES.

I’d like to be over it now, please.


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Not that I have been hugely active the last few months – but tomorrow it’s been one year since I started this blog.

Have I lost any weight?  Nope!  Have I yo-yoed up and down, like I used to? Nope!

Have I gained a bit of sanity and appreciation for my body this last year? Yup!

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Been thinking about posting.  But not posting.

I am feeding* FA and BA blogs almost daily.  Learning to accept the ever changing feelings about my body – slowlllllly realizing that getting over myself and learning HAES may actually take as long as obsessing over my weight did.

But I really hope a decade is not needed.

*that’s supposed to be “reading”. Funny typo.

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Overall, non-thoughts about my body.

Occasional negative ones…

Almost always, redirecting myself from negative thoughts…

But still not treating my body right with nourishing food and exercise…

A standstill…

Yup. Still….

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I am checking in with several of my favorite IE/FA blogs almost daily.  I just have nothing to add.

I sometimes feel like I’m at a standstill but what I really want to believe is happening is that I’m just taking it all in and that will turn something or other into fruition for me.

Poetry here, folks!

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I’m here – not on the diet band wagon and no plans to.  Just slowly (key word) trying to figure out how to eat well while not waking the diet demons.  It’s a juggling act.

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About the foods I eat.  Not in a diet way but in a “I want to feel better, have more energy” way.

Doing a lot of reading and being very careful in allowing the info I read be just that – info – not gospel, not some unbreakable rules that will drive me over the edge.

I’m not reading any diet materials, just nutrition stuff.  I can honestly say that this is coming from a How My Body Feels Place, not a How My Body Looks Place.  That’s new and different.

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