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About the foods I eat.  Not in a diet way but in a “I want to feel better, have more energy” way.

Doing a lot of reading and being very careful in allowing the info I read be just that – info – not gospel, not some unbreakable rules that will drive me over the edge.

I’m not reading any diet materials, just nutrition stuff.  I can honestly say that this is coming from a How My Body Feels Place, not a How My Body Looks Place.  That’s new and different.


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I’ve been feeling pretty blah about blogging lately.  I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to say, any new insights, not even any new complaints!  And I have barely been reading my favorite IE/FA blogs as well.

What’s up with that?

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Geneen Roth suggests food journaling as part of the Intuitive Eating process. That freaks me out. But The Rotund’s recent “flogging” has put that journaling thought once again in my head.

I have decided that although writing down the food I eat makes me feel queasy and a bit “diety in the head” that taking a photo of it and letting it go out into the ether does not. That’s a bit of a run-on but I think my point is made. I want to have some sort of sense of what I am eating but without the diet mentality or judgment.

So here’s my new flog.

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I have a weekend conference next week and the fam is coming along since it’s in beautiful Monterey. I just realized the hotel has an indoor pool and I know Z would love that. So she not only needs a new bathing suit but I am 99% sure I need one as well. Last summer I just wore my old suit that fit everything but my breasts which are larger due to nursing (although we’re working on weaning and I swear they haven’t change size since she was an infant and nursing every 2 hours – I wouldn’t mind them shrinking a tad once she has fully weaned). I didn’t mind swimming in that bathing suit at our building since my boobs spilling out wasn’t too horrible and it was where we lived. But a public pool seems to require a better fitting bathing suit.

So, after I double check that my 2 suits aren’t fitting the girls, I’m going to have to deal with the dreaded bathing suit shopping this week. I can be decently body happy in my Right Fit Jeans and form fitting (not tight) shirt but a bathing suit is another matter. Some mind prep work is in order.

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