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In various stages of my adult life, I have flirted with becoming a morning exerciser. The only time I was consistent with it for a long time was when I was working full time, going to graduate school full time, had a crazy long commute (minimum car time with 2 hours a day), and around 25 years old.

I have never been a morning person. It’s tough for me to get out of bed (although, now, I get out once Z is awake so there’s no slow rise for me any more). The idea of getting up at 5 to get a workout in is intimidating. When I was doing it at age 25 I was getting up at 4:30 and doing workouts like The Firm.

Anyway, the reason why I still flirt with this is because it’s the only way I can see being a consistent exerciser in my current life. It guarantees a time of day where life won’t interrupt (sans illness) and it starts my day off with a boost of energy and to my self-esteem.

The random attempts to morning exercise in the last few years have often been met with my crazy morning mind who convinces myself I’ll totally do it later that day. Crazy Morning Mind is a big fat liar.

So this is one of my bigger goals as of late. I’m still a little ragged from traveling so I’ll probably start in a few days. I’m posting about it to keep myself accountable.


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Stupid Ad

JetBlue has a TV for every seat (loved that!). I watched a lot of the Food Network which was a first for me. I think I’ll check out some of those shows more regularly. Z enjoyed watching all of the meal prep as well.

Special K’s protein water ad was aired several times. I can’t find it online for the life of me so I’ll briefly describe. A woman (I think at work) comes into the staff room and is so hungry that she almosts takes a piece of cake out of the trash to eat it. But her will power wins and she goes off to drink some protein water (um, gag).

Ehhh, I seriously doubt a person who is willing to eat cake trash is going to be satisfied by some sickly sweet protein water. And I am baffled as to why that would be the choice Special K came up with – dessert garbage or protein water. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Why not just simply reject the candy machine or non-trash cake?

I know some disordered eaters do take food out of the trash – I remember stories shared in OA meetings. But protein water is not the answer to that issue in the slightest.

That ad just really grated my nerves so I wanted to share. And as I searched YouTube I came across another incredible annoying Special K ad so I’ll share that instead.

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Finally Back

Our Friday flight was canceled due to snow so we spent 2 more days in Maine.

Jetlagged and this week will be pretty busy so not sure when I will post.  But I do want to blog a bit on my trip.

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The fam is flying cross country to Maine (brrrr!) on Sunday for the week to visit the ILs. Unless something strikes me, I doubt I’ll update the blog during then. I am going to have to find a wee bit of time each day to get my IE/FA blog fix, though. Especially with the little demons in my head reminding me that I am the exact same size as I was during last year’s visit (egads!).

I’ll continue with my internal come back response – well, at least I am not yo yo-ing up and down as per usual.

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Cake o’Rice

Z is eating a brown rice cake slathered in almond butter right now (along with an apple and some grapes).

The rice cake looks good to me. With the almond (or peanut) butter on it.

I wouldn’t have touched a rice cake while dieting since it was a classic diet food. My rebellious side wouldn’t have allowed it. I think it’s pretty funny that my body thinks it looks pretty darn good right now – and not because of the caloric content or whatever. But because it looks tasty all almonded up like that.

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I finally got around to watching Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! show on obesity after reading about it on a couple of blogs. We actually get Showtime because of DH’s work (they pay for it – woot!) but I have never seen this show. I think I am going to let Tivo know that it gets some green thumbs up. Never mind that Penn has a special place in my heart for being the voice of Comedy Central – his voice brings me back to college and Mystery Science 3K viewings.

I don’t have much new to add that hasn’t been discussed in the linked blogs or their comments. I am happy that this topic is being discussed outside of the blogosphere and talk show genre. And in a funny, entertaining way.

YouTube has the episodes in 3 parts – warning, mucho language and a bit of nudity.

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Last week DH and I took little Z to her first political rally.

The speeches were incredible and it was just a great, powerful experience. Z did amazingly well, being a 2 year old and all.

Oprah’s speech was strong and moving. Not only was I wowed by her words but I also couldn’t help but think how beautiful she looked up on stage (and we had a great view, right on the floor). She had this bigger than life presence, this strength, this beauty. I’m not an Oprah watcher – I feel relatively neutral about the woman (minus a dislike of how she interview celebs, but, whatever).

Leaving the rally, I had quite the high. More so for who I was excited to vote for and from every stirring speech I heard (never mind actually hearing Stevie Wonder sing live – wowza!!) but this included the incredible words I heard Oprah speak.

How rather sobering it was to then read that Oprah’s weight and size were once again the fodder of “news“. Not only because it’s just frustrating that people continue to define this woman by her size and weight but also because I remember thinking how gorgeous she looked on stage. Yes, I agreed with many of her sentiments (and politics in this case) but it mainly stung because it felt like a virtual slap. To Oprah but also to the rest of us strong women (and men) who are examined and ridiculed because our bodies are too fat, too thin, too lumpy, too bony, too something.

Judgments of body shapes and looks will never go away. I’m not saying they should not be challenged but I seriously doubt they will disappear in my lifetime. So do I let this anger fuel me? Or do I let it go into the ether and live my life loving my body and learning to appreciate all shapes and sizes? Maybe it will be a bit of ebb and flow, who knows.

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