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Happy New Year!

Here’s to a healthy 2008 – mind and body.


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A Quickie

I am really liking Geneen Roth‘s Why Weight’s writing exercises. I have been doing them daily since the 25th and, even though I’m not “perfect” (ha! like there is such a thing), I am feeling much better.

So there’s a little bit of yay right there.

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I have to admit, I saw some photos of me that absolutely made me cringe. Shiny, round faced, doubled chin cringe. And my first, instant thought that I had every time was I have to do something about this.

I will be honest and admit that 5 minutes ago I had diet thoughts/fantasies dancing about my mind. I could almost taste that new diet excitement – the thrill of finding the perfect diet ™. It was subconscious at first but then I could hear the thoughts in my mind, not just feel them. It took me maybe 10 seconds to realize what I had to do.

So here I am, posting this. And tonight I will start the first exercise of Roth’s Why Weight. I was going to read through the book first but, fuck it. I need some help.

So Merry Christmas to me. Kicking the Diet Thoughts in the gut and giving sanity another chance is the best gift I could give myself tonight.

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If I was normal, I would feel thin instead – or just note the
bagginess. But, instead, having my pants be a tad baggy has made me
have Bad Body Thoughts ™. There’s a disordered eater for ya!

On the good news front, I started reading Roth’s Why Weight when I
misplaced my Yoga of Eating book (I found it today, yay!) and there’s
a ton of journaling exercises in there. I am going to start those
this week.

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I have been on a crazy # of diets. None of them impressively successful but the two I had the greatest weight loss with were Weight Watchers (points) and Body for Life. And the funny thing about those two is that they were the ones where I was most obsessive over eating/food choices/how to somehow get the food choices I wanted without it being a “cheat”. What’s also pretty funny is that I find those two plans relatively healthy (for a diet). But, yet, they helped make me the most crazy.

What I find to be complete bullshit is what appears to be Weight Watchers new ad campaign. Are they on crack? I can’t find any of their print ads online (but their site has info on how their diet isn’t a diet. What the fuck ever) but this did come right up in my Google search. How I relate to their WW experiences (minus the meetings – I did it online)!

For some reason I am feeling really pissed off about this ad campaign.

And I also think it’s a tad amusing that I am going to have a lovely In n Out burger (well, grilled cheese) tonight for dinner – I used to actually figure out the points to that crazy thing back in the day. And obsess over eating it and what to eat so that my day would be within points (which was a guess anyway). Crazy fricken’ making.

Tonight I just get to eat it, enjoy it, and then move on. Now that’s not a diet.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Will any of you make New Year’s resolutions? I’m tempted to make one. Yes, just one. Given that I am the rebellious sort and seem to run the other way as soon as I make a goal, I’m not sure if it is wise.

But I was thinking of making a workout goal for 2008. Simply, 250 workouts by the end of the year. I think that is totally doable but worry if it’s me setting myself up to avoid once again. I wrote this post almost 3 months ago and am pretty much in the same spot as then. Let’s just say that makes me beyond frustrated.

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I finally finished WWSHTB last night. It is definitely my favorite book on IE that I have read so far. I think I am going to reread it sooner than later as well (and hopefully a bit faster this next time – this toddler mama was juggling too many books this fall).

Next on my list is The Yoga of Eating – I started it but set it down to get through WWSHTB. Plus finishing Eating in the Light of the Moon. I also have two Geneen Roth books floating around from like 18 months ago (my first, very brief fling with IE). These should keep me busy during the winter. I really feel like I do my best when soaking in IE/body acceptance books/blogs, etc…

I’d like to try out a workbook on IE – does anyone have a favorite? There seems to be a decent amount of choice over at Amazon. Any advice is much appreciated.

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